Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pfizer: An Option-Enhanced Approach

We have just contributed our first feature to Seeking Alpha:

We invite you to give it a look.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Score one for our COT Tracker: Option Wizard® Trading Method Gold

In our last post, we said:

Short term? OPTION WIZARD TRADING METHOD GOLD is signaling that a short term bottom might be in via a precipitous drop to below 200,000 contracts in commercial net short positions as follows. See below)

Gold was $1624 when we wrote those words. The situation didn't feel bullish, it felt more like everything was going to fall off a cliff, Europe, metals, stocks, bonds.

Le Grande Implosion seemed to be at hand.

Nevertheless, the hard, cold numbers of Option Wizard® Trading Method Gold won the day. Here we were, not even 30 days later, as of Friday, Oct. 28 close: $1,743.40, when these words were written (the market has since backed off).

Plus 7.2%, one month (or so) gain.

Maybe Ms. Gisele B├╝ndchen has changed her payment preferences since her last and famous pronouncement?

Krugerrands.....Maple Leafs anyone....? Gisele, please write, tell me what you're thinking....