Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Follow up, Pfizer

While we're reporting results, give a look to the piece we wrote for Seeking Alpha on Pfizer (PFE). Another success. Most letter writers and pundits want you to think they never have losers, so at this point, I should mention, that is not the case here --- or anywhere else.


Follow up, gold, OWTM gold

Back on Dec. 23, we called your attention to a potential buying situation in gold, based on our reading of commercial net short position. It's something we follow weekly in a spreadsheet we call Option Wizard® Trading Method Gold.

How did it fare?

The week following our post, gold declined from a Friday close of 1605 to 1565, but rebounded from there for the gain we had foreseen, based on past history:

1725.40 2/3/12 209,862
1737.50 1/27/12 179,768
1666.60 1/20/12 172,976
1637.20 1/13/12 166,574
1616.60 1/6/12 161,843
1565.00 12/30/11 163,932
1605.00 12/23/11 164,554

Plus 8% from 1605 to 1737.50, with a $40 drawdown along the way. It's never easy, but tools like this can help put the odds in your favor.